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LIVE METAL: So it’s the biggest news going on with you right now—do you want to tell us what went on yesterday, about playing with your old band again?

BRIAN “HEAD” WELCH: Yeah. My daughter’s getting into all these bands, like Chevelle, and so Chevelle played yesterday, Evanescence played. And she couldn’t make it to a Chevelle concert in Phoenix a little bit ago, so I was like, we’re with P.O.D. on this tour, and they were playing the same shows. I was like, I’m gonna take my daughter there ‘cause she couldn’t go to that one. And Korn’s at one of ‘em, so I was like, I’m gonna go say hi to the guys. I hadn’t seen (Korn guitarist) Munky in seven years, so I just wanted to say hi to him. So I went, talked with him, he was so positive and healthy—kind of glowing, just happy. He just got married, he’s gonna have a kid. So we were just talking, and me and my daughter watched Chevelle, Staind, Evanescence—all these bands there, and then when Korn was going onstage, I wanted her to have a good spot, so I wanted to walk with the band. And (Korn bassist) Fieldy’s like, “You should play the last three songs with us.” I was like, “Oh, I don’t play seven strings no more.” The tuning’s different, and plus, they do all these remix changes on those songs live. So I was like, “No, I can’t do that, man.” (Korn vocalist) Jonathan (Davis) comes over and he’s like, “Yeah, man, you should jam with us.” Then Fieldy goes, “I’m not supposed to say nothing, but there’s a guitar ready for you.” (laughs) And I was like, “Oh man, alright, I’ll do it”—if Munky was OK with it. And he walked up—“Are you gonna jam with us?” I was like, dude, that’s trippy.

So there it was. I jammed and they called it out. Five Finger Death Punch announced that I was there hanging around with Korn, so the crowd knew. And some of ‘em in the front, like a few hundred, were going, “We want Head! We want Head!” (laughs) So it was just cool.

So you got a great, great reaction?


Has it been a windstorm on the Internet yet? Have you checked all the stuff out?

A little bit, yeah. (Evanescence vocalist) Amy Lee posted a picture. It was not crazy, but a lot of people were talking.

So what was it like being back up there? Did you feel a reconnection with the guys?

Yeah. I didn’t know people cared that much, you know what I mean? ‘Cause Korn’s done fine without me, without (drummer) David (Silveria). They’ve just kept going. But I just thought it was old news—over it and everything. But then, next thing you know, so many people are in tears and stuff like that. I think they just know that we all grew up together, we’re all brothers, we all did that—just seeing it, even if it was for that one day, that connection or that it’s all good with us. There was some weirdness with us for a while. It was all healed, and everyone sees that it’s all good now. So it was a good day. … It was so cool. I’m talking to all these dudes. Like Five Finger Death Punch, the singer, he’s just a bro, and it was so cool to see everybody care so much. Amy got all excited. I don’t know. I think you forget how much of an impact we had on so many bands. And then these bands come out and they’re so awesome and they sell more than us, but they still respect us. It’s cool. It feels good.

Are you gonna be playing with Korn again any time soon?


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