Aug 31 2013

Das aktuelle Korn-Interview im Metal-Hammer UK


Die Ausgabe HIER kaufen.






Aug 15 2013

David Silveria über Korn


Eure Meinungen?

„Hello people. Before I get into this post I want to be clear I’m just explaining some history from the early days of Korn. Not bashing Korn at all. I hope Korn fans will find this info interesting. To all the haters that will talk smack. Then why bother reading this? Maybe you should get some help. So here we go. In 1991when Korn was first writing music it was in our rehearsal studio. When we had 6-8 songs we went and played our first show then back to our rehearsal room to keep writing. So over the next couple years we wrote songs and re-wrote songs,played numerous shows. The songs that became our first record,“Korn“, where written and played live and fine tuned over a course of around two and half years. Our second and third records,Life is Peachy and Follow the Leader, were written in our rehearsal studio and rehearsed and fine tuned over and over. We didn’t play shows while writing though. The music and vocals were written all together. This is the key point. The first three records had all kinds of strange and off time breaks in the songs. We would purposely speed up and slow down parts. Most of the weird breaks were made up by Fieldy and I. We would change the timing in the middle of songs that made no sense. One of the great things about music is there are no rules. Fast forward to our next record „Issues.“ A big name producer was brought in telling us he would „take us to the next level.“ I immediately called bullshit. I thought we had just made three legendary records? Here is the next key point. He wanted to record the record on the digital system pro-tools. He also wanted to record everything to a click track eliminating all crazy timing changes and off time breaks and the pushing and pulling of parts. I was the only one to think this was a horrible idea. Our signature style was under attack and the guys said just listen to this „big time“ producer. So we started writing music. I did my thing on the drums by playing in my style. The producer immediately wanted me to simplify my playing. I said to him „this is not your record. I’m going to do my thing.“ The next day I get a phone call from our manager saying one of the band members says I’m being hard to work with. Seriously!! So I was being asking to be a puppet and dumb down my playing and be a good boy. I heard this enough times I finally just simplified everything. Pretty lame right? Then next it came to our attention that we were going to record all of the music before Jon even started on the vocals. That’s another major blow to our signature sound. We always wrote songs as a five piece band and made unique accents and breaks specifically to the vocals. Well there goes that unique Korn sound. Once our original way of writing was totally changed the original sound was also changed. I was disappointed. I’ve been asked hundreds of times why our sound changed so much after Follow the Leader. Well, now you have the answer. I love the music we made after Leader, don’t get the wrong idea. It just lost so much of our unique trademark sound. I really think the fans noticed. I made several attempts to get the band to get back to the basics and write and record like we did the first three records but was met with opposition every time. I don’t know why. All I wanted to do is make better records. But the other members didn’t want to spend the extra time it takes to write the original way. But hey, I tried. When I was talking about bringing the funk back I was talking about the original writing style. I would love to get back in the rehearsal studio with the guys and resurrect the original passion and unconventional writing style and make a record that stands up to the first three. Of course before that could happen I would love to just sit down with guys and talk about our humble beginnings and really put things in perspective. I really hope to see you Korn fans again soon from behind my drum kit on stage with the guys. If anyone wants to post this on other sites please do so. All I ask is to be honest and post it in its entirety and not take parts out of context. I hope you true Korn fans thought this insight was interesting. Take care everyone. Talk soon:)“

Jul 12 2012

Abstimmungsergebnisse – Welches Nebenprojekt von Korn findest Du am Besten?

141 Leute von Euch haben mitgemacht – DANKE dafür! :)

  • Love & Death (Head) (48%, 67 Votes)
  • Fear and the Nervous System (Munky) (17%, 24 Votes)
  • J Devil (Jonathan) (17%, 24 Votes)
  • Jonathan Davis And The SFA (Jonathan) (9%, 12 Votes)
  • Stillwell (Fieldy) (5%, 7 Votes)
  • Infinika (David) (4%, 7 Votes)

Jul 2 2012

Auf den Spuren von Korn – Teil 2


Jun 19 2012

Auf den Spuren von Korn – Teil 1


Die anderen Teile folgen in den nächsten Tagen. Es werden Teile von Bakersfield gezeigt, die mit Korn und den Bandmitgliedern zu tun haben.

Mai 21 2012

Neue Abstimmung


Welches Nebenprojekt von Korn findest Du am Besten?

  • Fear and the Nervous System (Munky) 
  • Stillwell (Fieldy)
  • J Devil (Jonathan)
  • Love & Death (Head)
  • Infinika (David)


Ich habe noch JD & The SFA hinzugefügt.

Stimme JETZT ab! :) (rechts unten unter den kommenden Tourdaten)

Mai 17 2012

Alte Korn Tour Videos aus den 90ern


Mai 9 2012

Head Interview zur Carolina Rebellion


LIVE METAL: So it’s the biggest news going on with you right now—do you want to tell us what went on yesterday, about playing with your old band again?

BRIAN “HEAD” WELCH: Yeah. My daughter’s getting into all these bands, like Chevelle, and so Chevelle played yesterday, Evanescence played. And she couldn’t make it to a Chevelle concert in Phoenix a little bit ago, so I was like, we’re with P.O.D. on this tour, and they were playing the same shows. I was like, I’m gonna take my daughter there ‘cause she couldn’t go to that one. And Korn’s at one of ‘em, so I was like, I’m gonna go say hi to the guys. I hadn’t seen (Korn guitarist) Munky in seven years, so I just wanted to say hi to him. So I went, talked with him, he was so positive and healthy—kind of glowing, just happy. He just got married, he’s gonna have a kid. So we were just talking, and me and my daughter watched Chevelle, Staind, Evanescence—all these bands there, and then when Korn was going onstage, I wanted her to have a good spot, so I wanted to walk with the band. And (Korn bassist) Fieldy’s like, “You should play the last three songs with us.” I was like, “Oh, I don’t play seven strings no more.” The tuning’s different, and plus, they do all these remix changes on those songs live. So I was like, “No, I can’t do that, man.” (Korn vocalist) Jonathan (Davis) comes over and he’s like, “Yeah, man, you should jam with us.” Then Fieldy goes, “I’m not supposed to say nothing, but there’s a guitar ready for you.” (laughs) And I was like, “Oh man, alright, I’ll do it”—if Munky was OK with it. And he walked up—“Are you gonna jam with us?” I was like, dude, that’s trippy.

So there it was. I jammed and they called it out. Five Finger Death Punch announced that I was there hanging around with Korn, so the crowd knew. And some of ‘em in the front, like a few hundred, were going, “We want Head! We want Head!” (laughs) So it was just cool.

So you got a great, great reaction?


Has it been a windstorm on the Internet yet? Have you checked all the stuff out?

A little bit, yeah. (Evanescence vocalist) Amy Lee posted a picture. It was not crazy, but a lot of people were talking.

So what was it like being back up there? Did you feel a reconnection with the guys?

Yeah. I didn’t know people cared that much, you know what I mean? ‘Cause Korn’s done fine without me, without (drummer) David (Silveria). They’ve just kept going. But I just thought it was old news—over it and everything. But then, next thing you know, so many people are in tears and stuff like that. I think they just know that we all grew up together, we’re all brothers, we all did that—just seeing it, even if it was for that one day, that connection or that it’s all good with us. There was some weirdness with us for a while. It was all healed, and everyone sees that it’s all good now. So it was a good day. … It was so cool. I’m talking to all these dudes. Like Five Finger Death Punch, the singer, he’s just a bro, and it was so cool to see everybody care so much. Amy got all excited. I don’t know. I think you forget how much of an impact we had on so many bands. And then these bands come out and they’re so awesome and they sell more than us, but they still respect us. It’s cool. It feels good.

Are you gonna be playing with Korn again any time soon?


Mrz 29 2012

Korn im Apollo 1999 – komplette Show


Ist schon fast Nostalgie, oder? :)


Feb 27 2012

Vote Ergebnisse – Welches ist Dein Lieblingsalbum von Korn?


Danke für’s mitmachen!

Welches ist Dein Lieblingsalbum von Korn?

  • Korn (23%, 139 Votes)
  • Issues (20%, 122 Votes)
  • Follow The Leader (14%, 84 Votes)
  • Untouchables (10%, 64 Votes)
  • Take A Look In The Mirror (9%, 57 Votes)
  • The Path Of Totality (8%, 48 Votes)
  • Life Is Peachy (7%, 45 Votes)
  • Korn III – Remember Who You Are (6%, 39 Votes)
  • See You On The Other Side (2%, 13 Votes)
  • Untitled (1%, 6 Votes)